Playboy Magazine, October 2013

Aug. 11, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, October 2013

The October 2013 issue of Playboy dives into the world of politics, technology, culture, sports, and entertainment, delivering insightful content and captivating visuals. Here's a summary of what you'll find inside:


  • "INSIDE EL RODEO" by Matthew Ross: A thrilling account of Tim Tracy's accidental entanglement in an international incident, leading to his time in Venezuela's nightmarish prison system.
  • "THE HACKTIVISTS" by David Kushner: An exploration of the modern hacker generation, outlining why they are unstoppable and what drives their actions.
  • "PLAYBOY CLASSIC: MARSHALL MCLUHAN" by Eric Norden: Revisiting Playboy's 1969 conversation with Marshall McLuhan, the visionary who both predicted and changed the future of media.
  • "PLAYBOY'S NFL PREVIEW" by Rick Gosselin: A comprehensive look at the 2013 NFL season, with insights into underdogs, surprises, and emerging teams.
  • "2013 TOP PARTY SCHOOLS": A rollicking survey of the top party campuses in America, showcasing schools that have taken the concept of "fun" to new heights.


  • "SAMUEL L. JACKSON" by Stephen Rebello: A candid conversation with the prolific actor as he discusses the Quentin Tarantino-Spike Lee feud, overcoming drug addiction, dealing with segregation, and much more.


  • "SWEPT AWAY": Join the enchanting German model Miriam Rathmann as she sets sail as your irresistible first mate.
  • "CENTER ATTRACTION": Step into the sexiest show on earth with Miss October, who takes center stage as your dazzling ringleader.
  • "GIRLS OF THE PAC 12": Embark on a tour of the Pacific conference's campuses with a collection of girls guaranteed to make you want to head west.

With its diverse array of content, ranging from gripping real-life tales to insightful interviews and sultry pictorials, the October 2013 issue of Playboy is designed to engage and entertain readers across various interests. Whether you're a fan of Samuel L. Jackson, an NFL enthusiast, intrigued by hacktivism, or just in search of captivating visuals, this edition offers something for everyone.

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