Playboy USA - Spring 2020: The Final Print Edition

Aug. 14, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy USA - Spring 2020: The Final Print Edition

The Spring 2020 issue of Playboy is more than a collection of enthralling content; it's the final printed installment of an iconic American institution.

Since 1953, Playboy has been a touchstone of popular culture, launching stars and sparking conversations. This historic issue exudes the magazine's enduring spirit, featuring singer-songwriter Marsha Elle, crowning all 12 of last year's Playmates, and introducing May Playmate Savannah Smith and June Playmate Alicia Loraina Olivas.

From the gender-fluid and groundbreaking artistry of Dorian Electra to a retrospective glance at Martha Rosler's subversive artwork nearly 50 years ago, the issue serves as a fitting farewell to the print era. Explore the history and evolution of cannabis names, delve into the Compton Cowboys' preservation of cowboy culture, and embark on a hop down memory lane with vintage cartoons.

A tribute to freedom of speech, artistic expression, and a tapestry of human connection, this edition bids adieu to the printed page but continues the legacy online.

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