Playboy Magazine, December 2013

Aug. 11, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

 Playboy Magazine, December 2013

The year's last edition of Playboy, December 2013, brings readers a variety of fascinating topics ranging from the battle for justice to reflections on manhood, explorations of the modern adult industry, gaming, and sports, and more. Here's an overview:


  • "THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE" by Neal Gabler: Jim McCloskey, driven by his muddled past, fights to free the wrongfully convicted.
  • "THREE MINUTES" by Stuart Dybek: A raw and powerful memoir of boxing in Chicago, revealing profound truths about manhood.
  • "TURNED ON" by Rachel R. Waite: A look into the world of webcam performers and how porn is now being created in bedrooms worldwide.
  • "TALKIN' 'BOUT YOUR GENERATION" by Steven Chean: An analytical breakdown of American generations, including Boomers and Millennials, assessing their pros, cons, heroes, and villains.
  • "CRIMINAL MIND" by Harold Goldberg: An exclusive interview with Sam Houser, the genius behind Grand Theft Auto, discussing how he revolutionized gaming.
  • "GAME CHANGERS": An assessment of the latest gaming consoles and their potential impact on living rooms everywhere.
  • "PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE" by Malcolm Beith: An inside look at the DEA's pursuit of Joaquín Guzmán, the leader of the Sinaloa Mexican drug cartel.
  • "COLLEGE BASKETBALL PREVIEW" by Gary Parrish: A guide to the upcoming college basketball season, highlighting teams and players to watch.
  • "THE YEAR IN SEX": A recap of 2013's most provocative moments, including a special section on Sex in Cinema.


  • "RAY KELLY" by Glenn Plaskin: NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly defends stop-and-frisk and exposes New York's political hypocrisies.
  • "JAMES MARSDEN" by David Hochman: The X-Men star opens up about riding horses with Fabio and filming Anchorman 2.


  • "SIX SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE" by Robert Coover: A dystopian tale of veterans on a mission to conquer the world.


  • "SNOW ANGEL": Enjoy a dreamy walk through a snowy park with the alluring Olga Ogneva.
  • "HOUSE CALL": Miss December, Kennedy Summers, brings warmth to winter with her enchanting beauty.
  • "HELMUT NEWTON": A retrospective of the iconic photographer's most striking works.

The December 2013 edition of Playboy provides readers with a captivating blend of features and visual delights, appealing to various interests and tastes. From critical examinations of justice and generational shifts to explorations of gaming, crime, sports, and sexuality, this issue offers an engaging conclusion to the year.

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