Playboy Magazine, September 2013

Aug. 11, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, September 2013

The September 2013 issue of Playboy serves up a compelling blend of intrigue, entertainment, sensuality, and introspection. Here's an overview of what's inside:


  • "THE NEW FACE OF CRIME" by T.J. English: An exploration of how Hollywood's mastery of disguise is becoming a new tool for criminals, complicating the jobs of law enforcement officers.
  • "A HAIL MARY FOR RYAN LEAF": John Cagney Nash converses with former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf, whose promising career spiraled due to painkiller addiction. In this exclusive interview, Leaf recounts his downfall and the steps he's taking to rebuild his life.
  • "PIGSKIN PREVIEW" by Bruce Feldman: Get ready for college football season with predictions on upsets and top performers to watch.
  • "THE SCIENTISTS OF SEX": Masters and Johnson's groundbreaking research on sexuality continues to provoke discussion and curiosity.
  • "A BRIEF HISTORY OF JUNOT DÍAZ" by Giancarlo DiTrapano: A unique look into the history of acclaimed author Junot Díaz, focusing on his upbringing in New Jersey.


  • "TONY ROBBINS" by Glenn Plaskin: Life coach Tony Robbins opens up about his troubled childhood and how he utilizes his experiences to inspire and educate others.
  • "20Q: BILL HADER" by Rob Tannenbaum: The comedian discusses his departure from SNL and why he considers himself "65 years old at heart."


  • "SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS": A playful pictorial featuring Playmates engaged in seductive lawn sports.
  • "PLAYMATE: BRYIANA NOELLE": Introducing Miss September, Bryiana Noelle, a small-town girl with a global pedigree and breathtaking beauty.
  • "A PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG WOMAN": Join Irish stunner Rosanna Davison on a captivating journey to an African island.


  • "WORLD OF PLAYBOY": Go behind the scenes at the buzzy July/August cover shoot and explore Playboy's expansion in Texas.
  • "HANGIN' WITH HEF": Highlights from the Playboy Jazz Festival, including an appearance by Christie Hefner honoring First Amendment heroes.

With its combination of critical insights, intimate interviews, vibrant pictorials, and thought-provoking topics, the September 2013 issue of Playboy offers readers an alluring mix of entertainment and enlightenment. Whether you're a sports fan, a literature enthusiast, or simply in search of stunning visuals, this edition provides a compelling read.

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