Playboy Magazine, Spring 2019

Aug. 14, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, Spring 2019

The Spring 2019 issue of Playboy dives into an eclectic mix of culture, sensuality, and boldness. Here’s an overview of the content:


  • APRIL - FO PORTER: An artistic commune with California dunes by the America's Next Top Model alumna.
  • MAY - ABIGAIL O'NEILL: An indulgent afternoon bubble bath with a unique Midwesterner.
  • TELL ME MORE: Technicolor cover outtakes from photographer Kelia Anne.
  • JUNE - YOLI LARA: The ambitious beauty pageant contestant showcases her native Puerto Rico.
  • YUMNA IN FOCUS: A fearless young artist making Playboy history on both sides of the camera.

Heritage Departments:

  • DEFYING THE ANTI-PORN POLICE: A stand against the moralizing mobs trying to limit freedoms.
  • THE SUBVERSIVE SCRIBBLER: Revisiting the creativity of poetic polymath Shel Silverstein.
  • THE RABBIT IN PARADISE: Playboy’s first international club venture in Jamaica.
  • WEED WARRIORS: Backing the first-ever pro-pot consumer lobby.
  • BRANDE RODERICK: Reflections from the 2001 Playmate of the Year.


  • LET’S PLAY - EILEEN KELLY: An Insta-savvy sex educator's fresh perspective on sexuality.
  • TV - THE NEW BOOB TUBE: Changing norms of nudity on TV as Game of Thrones nears its finale.
  • SEX - GOOD VIBES ONLY: Exploring a female-focused Tokyo bar with a liberating theme.
  • TRAVEL - ART AT THE EDGE OF THE EARTH: An adventurous trip to Australia’s art mecca.
  • MAN IN HIS DOMAIN - THE REV. WILLIAM J. BARBER II: Uniting people in the name of equality.


  • Centerfold Supergroup & Playmate Chanteuse Jeane Manson.
  • Vintage Advisor and Classic Cartoons.
  • The Art of the Twitter Clapback.
  • Playboy Advisor on Monogamy and Masturbation.
  • 65 Years of Party Jokes.

Spring 2019’s Playboy engages with societal norms, creativity, sexuality, and personal freedoms. This edition continues to push boundaries, challenging both conventional wisdom and expectations. With a blend of artful pictorials, edgy cultural commentary, and an appreciation for the magazine's rich history, it's an issue that invites readers to explore new perspectives and celebrate the multifaceted nature of human expression and desire.

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