Playboy Magazine, July-August 2013

Aug. 11, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, July-August 2013

The double issue of Playboy for July and August 2013 touches on a variety of themes, bringing to the fore engaging features, exclusive interviews, and scintillating pictorials. Here’s an overview:


  • "DEPORTED WARRIORS": Luis Alberto Urrea and Erin Siegal McIntyre take a sobering look at the veterans who face deportation after serving the country.
  • "PLAYBOY'S BEST BARS 2013": Who better than Playboy to guide you through top taverns from Harlem to Portland? This survey will lead you to the best watering holes.
  • "CHASING THE DRAGON": Matthew Polly unveils the hidden skirmishes behind Bruce Lee's classic film "Enter the Dragon."
  • "SECRETARY OF STAGECRAFT": James Rosen takes readers on a global tour with John Kerry, examining the challenges of being the Secretary of State.
  • "BREWSTER'S ARK": Rob Magnuson Smith meets Brewster Kahle, a visionary aiming to digitize the world's paper archives.
  • "THE DICEMAN RECOMETH": Neal Gabler examines the unlikely resurgence of comedian Andrew Dice Clay.
  • "'LET'S GET SMALL'": Discover the next housing trend - sleek, sophisticated, and prefabricated.
  • "FAST EDDIE'S LAST STAND": Chas Smith follows island tough guy Eddie Rothman's battle against Monsanto in Oahu.


  • "SEAN HANNITY": David Hochman delves into the personal story and philosophy of the Fox News host and conservative icon.
  • "ARMIE HAMMER": The new Lone Ranger, Armie Hammer, chats with Brantley Bardin about breaking in his cowboy boots away from Hollywood.


  • "BODY HEAT": Karen Kounrouzan brings her fiery allure to the pages, a sight so sizzling you'll need sunglasses.
  • "PLAYMATE: ALYSSA ARCE": Buckle up for a hot ride with Miss July, Alyssa Arce, and cars that almost match her heat.
  • "PLAYMATE: VAL KEIL": Miss August, Val Keil, graces the pages with old-style cinematic glamour.
  • "LA BEAUTÉ": A French model redefines eroticism with a portrait of raw sexuality.

With a balanced blend of the contemporary and the classic, the July-August 2013 issue offers insights into subjects as varied as politics, modern living, entertainment, and sensuality. Whether you're interested in the political landscape or simply looking for striking visuals, this edition provides a compelling read.

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