Playboy Magazine, April 2013

Aug. 11, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, April 2013

The April 2013 edition of Playboy offers an exploration of music, gaming, and modern cultural trends. Here's a glimpse into what's inside:


  • "VILE RAT": David Kushner tells the story of Sean Smith, who led dual lives at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi and as a virtual troop commander online, and how these lives tragically collided.
  • "PLAYBOY'S 2013 MUSIC GUIDE": Rob Tannenbaum gives readers the rundown on the artists that will rock this year and beyond, dispelling the notion that music is dead.
  • "GHOST IN THE MACHINE": Alex Pappademas explores the journey of hip-hop pioneer the D.O.C., who, after an accident left him speechless, became the most prolific ghostwriter in rap history.
  • "DANCING OFF THE EDGE": "Trainspotting" author Irvine Welsh delves into America's love affair with electronic dance music and the good, bad, and sweaty culture that surrounds it.
  • "POT AND CIRCUMSTANCE": A comprehensive guide to the best strains of American cannabis, celebrating its increasing legality and quality.


  • "CLIVE DAVIS": David Sheff sits down with the most influential man in music to discuss five tumultuous decades in the industry and what's on the horizon.
  • "LENA DUNHAM": David Rensin chats with the creator of "Girls" about her critics, would-be suitors, sex, feminism, and becoming a legend at just 26.


  • "SEX & MUSIC": An irresistible tribute featuring Playmates Britany Nola, Raquel Pomplun, and Ciara Price, baring all for love of sex, music, and both.
  • "PLAYMATE: JASLYN OME": Miss April graces readers with what makes the special of the day so special.
  • "OBRIGADO BRAZIL": Brazilian goddess Gabriela Milagre hails from Divinópolis ("divine") and proves why her home town lives up to its name.

This issue of Playboy captures the pulsing rhythms of modern culture, embracing the eclectic mix of music, pop culture, sensuality, and social change. It’s a treat for those looking to engage with the complexities and joys of contemporary life, all delivered with Playboy's distinctive style and flair.

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