Playboy Magazine, September 2006

Aug. 4, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, September 2006

Playboy's September 2006 issue features an array of captivating content, from deep dives into industries to exclusive interviews with famous personalities.

"Inside Deep Mine 26" by Pat Jordan takes readers into a Virginia coal mine, where workers gamble their lives every day. "Smashing Windows" offers bizarre yet resonating parenting advice from Hunter S. Thompson to his friend Ralph Steadman. "Artistic License" by Ken Gross showcases ultra-exclusive sports cars that make Lamborghinis seem affordable.

Playboy's 2006 Pigskin Preview, celebrating 50 years of selecting the Playboy All America Team, offers top picks for college football squads, the Anson Mount Scholar/Athlete winner, and the Coach of the Year.

In the fiction section, "The Unlucky Mother of Aquiles Maldonado" by T.C. Boyle follows a successful major league pitcher dealing with the consequences of his mother's kidnapping by Venezuelan guerrillas. "Power Play" by Mickey Edwards cautions against the potential overreach of presidential powers and its implications on the system of checks and balances.

The issue features an interview with actress Eva Longoria, discussing her role in Desperate Housewives, her relationship with Tony Parker, and her views on monogamy. Another interview is with Michael Brown, former FEMA chief, who discusses his views on the disaster response after Hurricane Katrina.

Pictorials include a playful look-alike feature of hotel heiress Paris Hilton, a showcase of German engineering with Playmate Janine Habeck, and a return of the Girls Next Door with their own fantasy themes.

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