Playboy Magazine, January 2006

Aug. 4, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, January 2006

The January 2006 issue of Playboy Magazine offers a variety of engaging and captivating content.

"The Loves of King Kong" by Kathleen Sharp delves into the lives of Fay Wray, Jessica Lange, and Naomi Watts, examining the impact of their roles in the King Kong movies. "The Magical World of Shel Silverstein" by Steve Pond pays tribute to the multi-talented artist, author, and singer Shel Silverstein.

In "Car Wars," Arthur Kretchmer investigates the automotive industry, highlighting the competition between General Motors and Toyota. "Rubbing Elbows" by Bruce Jay Friedman is a collection of the author's encounters with world-renowned writers and intellectuals.

In this issue's 20Q, Kate Beckinsale shares fascinating insights about her life and career, while the featured interview is with none other than business magnate and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban.

Pictorial features include a glamorous photoshoot with Lisa Guerrero in Paris, and Athena Lundberg as Miss January. The magazine also provides a retrospective look at the sex stories of the year in "The Year in Sex," along with a comprehensive review of all the Playmates of the year.

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