Playboy Magazine, October 2006

Aug. 4, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, October 2006

Playboy's October 2006 issue dives into intriguing stories, intriguing interviews, and sultry pictorials.

"The Basement" by Jonathan Littman recounts a lethal fraternity hazing incident at Chico State University that led to the death of a pledge. In "Playboy's College Trivia Quiz," Rocky Rakovic tests readers' knowledge on obscure and bizarre college courses, sorting facts from fiction.

Food 911 host, Tyler Florence, in "My Place at Eight?" shares three easy-to-prepare meals that will impress any woman. "Jonesy" by Dan Halpern explores the life and legacy of Sex Pistol Steve Jones, touching on his drug and sex addictions, and his role as a DJ on West Coast radio.

In the fiction section, College Fiction Contest winner Nick Connell's "Ozark Lake" follows a young girl's summer adventure that takes a dark turn. "The Playboy Voter: A Special Report, Part I" challenges the 2004 presidential election's narrative, suggesting the existence of a silent 'purple' majority in American politics.

20 Questions features actor Johnny Knoxville, who shares insights on Willie Nelson's weed, his rejection of Saturday Night Live, and the challenges of making Jackass Number Two. The Playboy interview features rapper Ludacris, who discusses his artistic journey, the impact of rap music on society, and his controversial reception by mainstream media.

Pictorials include MySpace sensation Christine Dolce in a dominatrix-themed shoot, Playmate Jordan Monroe offering a dreamy college dorm scenario, and a celebration of the attractive "Girls of the Big 12."

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