Playboy Magazine, October 2012

Aug. 10, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

 Playboy Magazine, October 2012

The October 2012 issue of Playboy offers a variety of articles, interviews, and pictorials that provide insights into various aspects of popular culture, including sports, technology, entertainment, and education. Here's a glance at what the issue includes:


  • "THE REDEMPTION OF A SNEAKER PIMP": Neal Gabler profiles Sonny Vaccaro, who was instrumental in creating the NCAA system but is now working to dismantle it, exploring why athletes worth millions are paid nothing.
  • "GILDING THE GRIDIRON": A classy guide to gentlemanly tailgating, teaching readers how to dress, eat, and drink with style and distinction.
  • "TOP 10 PARTY SCHOOLS": A ranking of the campuses that make "Animal House" look tame, highlighting the schools known for sports, sex, and wild parties.
  • "PLAYBOY CLASSIC: STEPHEN HAWKING": A thought-provoking conversation with scientific genius Stephen Hawking, who shares insights into mankind's big questions.
  • "THE GAMING GOLD RUSH?": David Kushner delves into the billion-dollar world of mobile gaming, where small screen diversions turn into big business.
  • "PLAYBOY'S NFL PREVIEW": Rick Gosselin analyzes the numbers for the NFL season, identifying a potential Super Bowl surprise.


  • "CIRCUIT BUILDERS" (Pg. 112): A chilling story by College Fiction Contest winner Don Peteroy. Set in a rehab center where indulgence is encouraged, it follows an addict's fantasy that turns into a nightmare.


  • LEE CHILD: Best-selling novelist Lee Child, creator of Jack Reacher, is grilled by Steve Oney on his writing and his iconic character.
  • DAX SHEPARD: David Hochman delves into the method behind the madness of actor Dax Shepard, including his relationship with Kristen Bell.


  • "CZECH MATE" (Pg. 70): A tantalizing feature with Czech model Kamila Hermanová, who can "tame any man."
  • "PLAYMATE: PAMELA HORTON" (Pg. 92): October's Playmate and artist Pamela Horton sparks the imagination with her allure.
  • "GIRLS OF THE BIG TEN" (Pg. 118): Playboy's campus tour uncovers the unspoiled beauties of the Midwest in this captivating pictorial.

Whether you're drawn to the business behind sports, the art of tailgating, the intriguing world of mobile gaming, or the beauty found on college campuses, this edition of Playboy offers something engaging for every reader.

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