Playboy Magazine, November 2012

Aug. 10, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, November 2012

The November 2012 edition of Playboy magazine combines politics, lifestyle, humor, and enticing pictorials to create an issue that resonates with a wide array of readers. Here's what's inside:


  • "SCREWED": Nancy J. Comrin explores what a Mitt Romney presidency might mean for American bedrooms, highlighting potential unsexy consequences.
  • "WHY IS EVERYONE TALKING AT ME?": John Maloney delves into the noisy world of cable TV news, showing how political coverage has morphed into a combative blood sport.
  • "THE WORLD'S MOST DANGEROUS 18 HOLES": It's golf, but not as we know it. Iven Cook takes readers on a journey to North Korea, teeing up for a tournament in one of the world's most mysterious countries.
  • "AFTER ATWATER": A.C. Gankl examines the life and legacy of GOP operative Lee Atwater, the man credited with putting the mud in mudslinging, forever changing political campaigns.
  • "BEING BOND": How to live like 007. From clothes and cars to cocktails and women, learn the secrets of embodying the iconic James Bond.


  • "STEPHEN COLBERT": Eric Spitznagel sits down with the satirical genius and self-elected president of Colbert Nation, going beyond left and right politics.
  • "KRYSTEN RITTER": Taffy Brodesser-Akner turns on the charm with "the b---- in apartment 23," Krysten Ritter, discovering she's not someone to be trifled with.


  • "THE GREAT CUMMERBUND STEEPLECHASE": A whimsically titled piece of fiction for those looking for an imaginative and witty read.


  • "FIDEL CASTRO": A reprise of Playboy's 1967 interview with the father of modern Cuba, Fidel Castro. 45 years later, it still has the power to provoke and inform.


  • "LA STRADA" (Pg. 70): The streets of Verona are the backdrop for a stunning pictorial that captures the essence of Italian beauty on Vespas.
  • "PLAYMATE: BRITANY NOLA" (Pg. 88): Miss November, Britany Nola, is celebrated for her knockout looks and killer taste in music.
  • "HEF'S GIRLFRIENDS" (Pg. 112): A glimpse into the lives of the special women who have captured Hugh Hefner's heart.

Whether exploring the intersection of politics and media, offering a quirky take on living the Bond lifestyle, providing candid interviews with popular figures, or showcasing visual delights, the November 2012 issue of Playboy offers a multifaceted reading experience.

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