Playboy Magazine, July/August 2012

Aug. 10, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, July/August 2012

The July/August 2012 edition of Playboy offers a diverse range of articles, interviews, and visual content that takes readers on a journey through culture, philosophy, lifestyle, and entertainment. Here's a detailed look:


  • "THE LOST PHOTOS OF JACK KEROUAC" (Pg. 66): Greil Marcus unveils newly discovered images of the legendary writer, offering a fresh glimpse into Kerouac's world.
  • "THE ICONOCLAST" (Pg. 70): J.C. Gabel delves into the mind and work of unique filmmaker Wes Anderson.
  • "BEYOND THE SKY" (Pg. 80): Rob Magnuson Smith's search for extraterrestrial life forms explores our fascination with the unknown.
  • "THE TALENTED MR. K" (Pg. 88): Investigating the mysterious wine expert Rudy Kurniawan, Wendy Goldman Romm explores allegations of fraud.
  • "AMERICA'S BEST BARS 2012" (Pg. 94): A curated list of the most memorable and beloved watering holes across the country.
  • "PLAYBOY CLASSIC: AYN RAND" (Pg. 124): A revisit to an interview with the celebrated objectivist philosopher.
  • "FATHER KNOWS WORST" (Pg. 126): Neal Pollack's humorous chronicle of launching a daddy blog and facing unexpected consequences.
  • "SHATTERED GENIUS" (Pg. 134): Brett Forrest's gripping tale of a brilliant mathematician whose life fell into chaos.
  • "SEX, DRUGS & VIDEO GAMES" (Pg. 140): David Kushner recounts the wild journey of a gaming pioneer.


  • "CHARLIE SHEEN" (Pg. 51): Charlie Sheen talks with Eric Spitznagel about his controversial past and how he found clarity.


  • "LIVE BY NIGHT" (Pg. 64): An exclusive preview of a thrilling novel by Dennis Lehane.


  • "MODEL MAYHEM" (Pg. 60): Slovenian model Nina Kohne captivates with her unique beauty.
  • "PLAYMATE: SHELBY CHESNES" (Pg. 102): Miss July's sun-kissed allure.
  • "PLAYMATE: BETH WILLIAMS" (Pg. 116): A rustic and charming pictorial with Miss August.
  • "JENNY MCCARTHY" (Pg. 144): The return of the ever-fantastic Jenny McCarthy.


  • "TALKING WITH MARINA ABRAMOVIC" (Pg. 31): James Franco converses with the renowned performance artist.
  • "HOW FORTY BECAME THE NEW TWENTY" (Pg. 32): Joel Stein humorously analyzes the prolonged adolescence of modern men.
  • "LEAVE IT TO BEAVERS" (Pg. 36): Lisa Lampanelli's comedic take on the perils of taking your girlfriend to a strip club.

The July/August 2012 issue is an adventurous blend of cultural insights, humor, sex appeal, and cerebral stimulation. Whether it's probing the psyche of Wes Anderson, uncovering lost images of a literary icon, or sharing a laugh about modern adulthood, this edition promises to entertain and enlighten.

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