Playboy Magazine, November 2003

Aug. 2, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, November 2003

The November 2003 edition of Playboy presents a diverse array of features, investigations, and intriguing conversations.

'God and Satan in Bentonville' by Dan Baum analyzes how the world's biggest corporation, Wal-Mart, based in small-town Arkansas, is changing America one underpaid, yet smiling, employee at a time.

In 'The Hedgehog at 50', Eric Hedegaard celebrates the life and career of the world's most famous and well-endowed adult star, Ron Jeremy, upon hitting his half-century mark.

'Playboy's Year in Video Games' provides a comprehensive roundup of 2003's best video games, delving into the history of sex in video games and profiling celebrity gamers.

'The Straight Dope' by Stephan Talty debunks the most popular urban legends about drugs, from CIA conspiracy theories to the escapades of famous rock stars.

'This One Time, at Rock Camp' by David Peisner offers a glimpse into the lives of grown-up campers who've paid $6,000 to perform with aging rock stars.

In 'Centerfolds on Sex', Pennelope Jimenez shares her preference for doggy style, setting readers' hearts racing.

Warren Kalbacker's '20Q' features a conversation with Bill Murray, a popular SNL alum, discussing his roles in comedy classics and sharing tales from the filming of 'Lost in Translation'.

The fiction section includes 'Dent Island' by Pete Dexter, a story about a Harvard schoolteacher moving to a small tourist town.

The Playboy Interview with Quentin Tarantino, conducted by Michael Fleming, marks the director's return to filmmaking with 'Kill Bill', discussing everything from box office expectations to his experiences with ecstasy.

'World-Class Beauties' highlights the most stunning models from Playboy's 18 foreign editions.

The Playmate of the month is Divini Rae, an Alaskan beauty who once started a magazine in Australia.

Finally, Kill Bill's supporting actress, Daryl Hannah, makes a daring appearance without her support bra, causing a sensation.

The November 2003 issue of Playboy brings together an engaging blend of in-depth reporting, personal stories, and entertaining interviews. Available online and in select stores.

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