Playboy Magazine, September 2003

Aug. 2, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, September 2003

The September 2003 Playboy edition is rich with fascinating stories, candid discussions, and in-depth interviews.

In 'The Anatomy of an Outbreak' by Michael Parrish, you'll find an intense investigation into the origins of the SARS epidemic, tracing it back to an encounter in a Hong Kong hotel.

'NFL Roulette: The Playboy 2003 Preview' by Allen St. John provides an insightful guide to the NFL season, including forecasts, smack talk with top players, and a showcase of the hottest NFL babes.

'Looking for Love in All the Strange Places' by Corey Levitan is a comedic recount of the reporter's attempts at wooing women in unexpected locales. From fetish bars to more unconventional locations, will he get lucky or a restraining order?

In 'Personal Velocity' by James R. Petersen, experience the thrill of controlling the fastest car, boat, jet, or motorcycle on Earth, as the author takes the wheel.

'Keeping the Faith' by Matt Taibbi is an undercover exploration into the intersection of politics and prayer, detailing the reporter's experiences during some bizarre leisure time outings of the new religious right.

In 'Centerfolds on Sex', Shanna Moakler shares an intimate story about reviving her lover's confidence and performance.

Robert Crane's '20Q' features an interview with Hollywood's notoriously eclectic star, Nicolas Cage, providing insights on his film experiences, playing twins, and why he thinks his father-in-law, the King of Rock and Roll, would have liked him.

The issue also includes features on the 'Women of Starbucks' who bring a whole new level of energy to the coffee chain, and the introduction of Luci Victoria, a British equestrienne, as the Playmate of the month.

Enjoy a mix of serious, comical, and enticing content in this Playboy issue, available online and in select stores.

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