Playboy Magazine, March 2003

Aug. 2, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

 Playboy Magazine, March 2003

The March 2003 issue of Playboy opens a window to a wide range of topics, starting from the darker side of online gaming to the thrilling world of NASCAR and the intricate strategies of divorce.

'Online Treachery' by Lazlow unveils the tragic story of Shawn Woolley, a 21-year-old video-game enthusiast who fell victim to the harsh environment of online games like EverQuest and Ultima.

'NASCAR: Why Everyone is Watching' by Michael Jordan provides readers with intriguing facts about stock car racing, enough to impress even the most rowdy, infield friends.

In 'Divorce', Craig Vetter advises on how to navigate the tumultuous process of a breakup, especially focusing on how to protect one's assets.

'Centerfolds on Sex' presents Michele Rogers, who shares her intimate experiences and how she has learned to control her body for maximum pleasure.

'How to be Treated Like a High Roller- Even if You Don't Have a Bankroll' by Scott Dickensheets reveals how one can enjoy casino luxury suites, gourmet meals, and hotel upgrades without spending a fortune.

The '20Q' feature sees Robert Crane interviewing Juliette Lewis. The actress opens up about her tattoos, odd habits, and experiences working with the renowned rock band, The Prodigies.

The fiction section presents 'Guy' by Sarah Arellano, a tale of a man sold to circus and left with a trust fund that enables him to turn his circus experiences into a full-time job.

The issue's 'Interview' segment features charismatic Irish actor Colin Farrell, known for his raw, energetic performances and his notorious off-screen exploits.

The March 2003 issue of Playboy, with its mix of informative articles, intimate interviews, and engaging fiction, offers a captivating read for fans. Available online and in select stores.

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