Playboy Magazine, May 2012

Aug. 10, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, May 2012

The May 2012 issue of Playboy is a smorgasbord of diverse and captivating content. From exploring the conflicted brains of superheroes to eye-catching pictorials and thought-provoking articles, this edition captures the essence of pop culture, beauty, and intellectual intrigue. Here's a look inside:


  • "#BORSCHTBELTREDUX" (Pg. 50): Family Guy writer Alec Sulkin is transforming comedy one tweet at a time. Jesse Pearson gets the scoop.
  • "THE HIT KING" (Pg. 66): Michael Dolan follows Pete Rose through his life of signing autographs and ponders his possible second act. Plus, get a preview of the 2012 baseball season.
  • "THE SUPER PSYCHE" (Pg. 76): Grant Morrison delves into the complex and conflicted minds of modern superheroes.
  • "PLAYBOY PAD: ART HOUSE" (Pg. 92): Street artist Alec Monopoly welcomes Hugh Garvey into his creative haven.
  • "DISAPPEARANCE IN THE EAST" (Pg. 100): Lawrence Osborne explores the dark and fascinating world of faking one's own death.
  • "THE 25 GREATEST RIDES" (Pg. 104): Ken Gross and A.J. Baime present the definitive list of the best cars ever.


  • "DAVID BROOKS" (Pg. 47): The renowned New York Times columnist opens up to David Sheff about his moderate conservative views and how to fix the world.


  • "THE BODY ELECTRIC" (Pg. 56): Former Elite model Marlena Bielinska shares her breathtaking and erotic photography, along with the stories behind her best shots.
  • "PLAYMATE: NIKKI LEIGH" (Pg. 80): Meet Nikki Leigh, a SoCal beauty with a passion for travel and a desire to be recognized as a "sex symbol with brains."
  • "MAY ANDERSEN" (Pg. 108): Known for Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated, May Andersen takes on a new and unforgettable look.


  • "SEX WITH MS. OSCAR" (Pg. 31): Comedian Richard Lewis reminisces about a memorable star-fueled adventure.
  • "COMMITMENT: THE OTHER C-WORD" (Pg. 32): Lisa Lampanelli humorously examines the fear of commitment, questioning what we actually do with all that time and space we demand.

From comedy to existential questions, fashion to cars, this issue combines elegance, art, and provoking ideas that capture the essence of contemporary culture. It's an engaging read for those interested in exploring different facets of modern life through the unique lens of Playboy.

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