Playboy Magazine, June 2012

Aug. 10, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, June 2012

The June 2012 issue of Playboy brings a mix of art, technology, philosophy, and celebrity insights. Featuring everything from the mysteries of Parisian gambling parlors to explorations of modern economics, it provides a feast of visuals and ideas. Here's a detailed look:


  • "THE UNDERGROUND CASINOS OF PARIS" (Pg. 50): Writer Adam Levin takes readers into the clandestine world of discreet gambling parlors in Paris, uncovering a hidden subculture.
  • "THE PLAYMATE AS POP ART" (Pg. 76): Dave Hickey reflects on a project where 11 artists were asked to portray the classic Playboy Centerfold, analyzing the cultural significance of the works.
  • "THY NEIGHBOR'S LIFE" (Pg. 80): Philosopher Slavoj Žižek probes into the American obsession with judging others' habits and behaviors.
  • "BIONIC MAN" (Pg. 98): Steven Kotler shares a fascinating story of technological advancement and the blending of human and machine.
  • "OUTLAW ECONOMISTS" (Pg. 104): Tim Schultz reports on the dissenting voices in the field of economics who challenge the mainstream theories.


  • "TOM CRUISE" (Pg. 55): In an insightful conversation, Tom Cruise opens up to Michael Fleming about his career, life at 50, and the decisions that nearly derailed his success.


  • "DESERT FOX" (Pg. 64): Photographer Brian Bowen Smith and model Stephanie Corneliussen craft unforgettable images in the Mojave desert.
  • "PLAYMATE: AMELIA TALON" (Pg. 84): Miss June, Amelia Talon, balances her love of gaming and modeling, celebrating both as art forms.
  • "JACLYN SWEDBERG IS PLAYMATE OF THE YEAR" (Pg. 108): Highlighting the newly crowned Playmate of the Year, Miss April 2011, Jaclyn Swedberg.


  • "JOCKS VS. NERDS: A PEACE PLAN" (Pg. 39): Joel Stein humorously tries to mediate the age-old rivalry between jocks and nerds.
  • "WHY YOUR SEX TAPE SUCKS" (Pg. 40): Comedian Lisa Lampanelli explains why sex tapes are best left to the professionals.

Whether it's the mysterious allure of Paris's gambling scene, the intersection of technology and humanity, or the intimate revelations of a Hollywood star, this issue of Playboy promises a tantalizing array of visual and intellectual stimulations. It's a vivid exploration of culture, aesthetics, and personal expression that offers something for every reader.

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