Playboy Magazine, June 2003

Aug. 2, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, June 2003

June 2003's issue of Playboy has a compelling collection of stories, interviews, and features that delve into the lives of famous personalities and offer unique perspectives on diverse topics.

'Phil Spector with a Bullet' by Steve Pond unfolds the chilling story of the late-night meeting between renowned record producer Phil Spector and actress Lana Clarkson that tragically ended with a death.

Playboy's 'Summer Movie Preview' by Robert Abele offers readers a glimpse into the most anticipated, FX-laden flicks of the season, from The Matrix: Reloaded to The Hulk.

'Major Turn-ons' reveals the fascinating technology that is capable of stirring men's passions as much as women do, featuring an extravagant plasma TV, a top-notch camcorder, and a multifunctional PDA.

'Sinatra and the Dark Side of Camelot' by George Jacobs and William Stadiem gives readers an exclusive look into the decadent lifestyle Frank Sinatra enabled for his friend JFK, as witnessed by Sinatra's valet.

'Sexperiments' by Chip Rowe delves into the humorous, risqué, and often ludicrous scientific quests to answer the most bizarre sex-related questions, from porcupine mating practices to the validity of 'beer goggles'.

The 'Centerfolds on Sex' segment features Cathy St. George, who candidly discusses her preferences for backdoor action and how men might convince their partners to try it.

Robert Crane's '20Q' hosts a candid interview with multi-platinum rapper Nelly, who explains the quirks of his songwriting and reveals his secret recipe for 'pimp juice'.

In the 'Playboy Interview', Kevin Cook chats with Mike Piazza, one of baseball's best-batting catchers, about his personal life, career, and the odd habits of his opponents.

This issue is packed with intriguing stories, intimate interviews, and insightful features, offering readers a diverse mix of content. It is available online and in select stores.

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