Playboy Magazine, October 1998

July 26, 2023 in PlayBoy 90s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, October 1998

The October 1998 issue of Playboy Magazine offers a wealth of entertainment, thought-provoking articles, and visually engaging pictorials.

Kicking off the issue is a 'Playboy Interview' with Geraldo Rivera, offering a candid conversation with the famed journalist and talk show host.

Continuing the exploration into the societal changes and sexual liberation of previous decades, Playboy's History of the Sexual Revolution moves onto Part VIII: Joy of Sex (1970-1979), offering readers a chance to delve deeper into the transformative era.

The issue also includes an informative piece on 'The Long Road to Roe vs. Wade' and 'The State of the Union', highlighting major legal and political events and their implications.

'A Great Train Robbery,' a riveting piece of fiction, provides an exciting read for fans of thrilling narratives.

'An Eye for Beauty,' a pictorial, and 'Dressed to Kill,' a fashion piece, offer visual stimulation and inspiration.

This issue's 'Playboy's Playmate of the Month' is Laura, whose journey is featured in a special pictorial.

The magazine maintains its light-hearted elements with 'Party Jokes,' and sports enthusiasts will enjoy 'Playboy's Pigskin Preview.'

'Gym Babes,' a fitness feature, offers advice and tips for those interested in health and fitness, and 'Pop Culture,' a popcorn-themed article, provides a light and fun read.

The magazine also includes the Playboy Jazz & Rock Poll, gauging the current popular music landscape. The issue concludes with '20 Questions with Tori Spelling,' the famed actress known for her role in 'Beverly Hills, 90210.'

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