Playboy Magazine, August 1998

July 26, 2023 in PlayBoy 90s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, August 1998

The August 1998 issue of Playboy Magazine provides a compelling mix of interviews, fiction, pictorials, and articles.

The issue kicks off with a 'Playboy Interview' featuring Matt Drudge, known for his eponymous news aggregation website. The fiction piece, 'Frenchie,' by Pat Jordan provides a compelling read for lovers of short stories.

Music television presenter Downtown Julie Brown graces a pictorial, and the article on rock musician Perry Farrell dives deep into his life and work. Golf enthusiasts will appreciate 'The Return of the Caddie,' while 'Dial Scheck for Murder' offers an intriguing profile read.

In 'Wyclef Attire,' readers can explore the latest fashion trends, while 'To Live and Die by Percentages' provides a deep dive into financial topics.

Playboy's Playmate of the Month is celebrated in 'A Little Goes a Long Way,' and the 'Party Jokes' section serves up humor. 'Kelly Slater's Guide to Beach Living' offers lifestyle insights from the surfing legend, and the 'World's Best Margarita' shares a refreshing drink recipe.

The travel feature 'Sexy Mexico' transports readers to the vibrant country, and the 'Playmates Revisited: The Collinson Twins' section offers a nostalgic look at past playmates. The issue also includes 'Dave's Garage,' a feature on cars, and 'Loafin,' a piece on fashion.

The issue wraps up with '20 Questions' with Bruce Willis, an essay titled 'Blow Job Nation,' and a pictorial showcasing 'The Women of Iceland.' This Playboy Magazine issue is available for purchase online or in select vintage magazine stores.

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