Playboy Magazine, November 2009

Aug. 8, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, November 2009

Playboy's November 2009 issue captivates readers with a rich blend of interviews, stories, guides, and pictorials:


  • "Burn After Reading" by Aaron Sigmond provides a comprehensive guide to cigars, demystifying the world of long fillers and more.
  • James Ellroy concludes his gripping memoir, "The Hilliker Curse," exploring love, loss, literature, and the pursuit of the right girl.
  • In "Playing for Keeps," Scott Alexander takes readers behind the scenes with the design team of the video game "Brütal Legend."
  • "The Woman Who Could Think Herself Off!" delves into the sensational and mind-bending phenomena witnessed by John H. Richardson.


  • Benicio Del Toro opens up to Stephen Rebello about Hollywood, discussing everything from classic films to rumored escapades with Scarlett Johansson.
  • Eric Spitznagel engages with Tracy Morgan, extracting unforgettable quotes in the "20Q" segment.


  • "The Bone Church," a chilling new tale by renowned author Stephen King, is presented in verse form.


  • "French Dish" sees Toni Bentley exploring her romantic life with a female lover in Paris.
  • "Making Your Pathology Pay" chronicles how Dr. Drew Pinsky turned his personal challenges into professional success.


  • "A Farewell to Farrah" pays tribute to the iconic Farrah Fawcett, celebrating her beauty and unforgettable impact on popular culture.
  • "The Devil in Marge Simpson" presents an unexpected and cheeky portrayal of Springfield's hottest housewife.
  • Playmate Kelley Thompson is spotlighted, with readers introduced to this radiant rose of Texas.
  • "Alina Puscau" showcases Brett Ratner, his Victoria's Secret model girlfriend, and a plastic body double in a pictorial inspired by Helmut Newton.

Through provocative interviews, engaging stories, and visually stunning content, the November 2009 issue of Playboy reflects the magazine's dedication to entertainment, cultural commentary, and timeless allure.

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