Playboy Magazine, December 2009

Playboy Magazine, December 2009

Playboy's December 2009 issue brings together a dazzling array of content, including insightful features, provocative interviews, and tantalizing visuals:


  • In "Brothers in Arms," Gore Vidal pays tribute to his heroic stepbrother.
  • Chelsea Handler offers her witty and irreverent "Guide to the Holidays" to ensure a memorable yule time.
  • "Dope" by T.J. English uncovers a scandal involving a DEA agent's deceptive actions leading to the unjust imprisonment of many.
  • "Tip-Off '10" by David Kaplan and Rocky Rakovic gives readers a comprehensive preview of the NCAA basketball season.
  • Renowned author Paulo Coelho reflects on his best-selling novel "The Alchemist" in "Dust in the Wind."
  • "The Triumph of the Conservative Underground" by Thomas Frank explores the resurgence of the ultra-right wing, with Glenn Beck at the helm.
  • "The Great South Florida Python Scare" sees writer Pat Jordan on a thrilling snake hunt.
  • "Playboy Gift Guide" by Scott Alexander presents cool toys for the mature and sophisticated.


  • James Cameron, the visionary director of "Avatar" and "Titanic," engages in an in-depth conversation with Stephen Rebello.
  • Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, the MMA champ and actor, goes 20 rounds in a lively Q&A with Jason Buhrmester.

Special Sections:

  • "Lolita": Renowned film critic Roger Ebert discusses the controversial film adaptation, and Sasha Grey is recast in the iconic role.
  • "Sex in Cinema": A visual exploration of provocative scenes from recent films, including Jennifer's (Megan Fox's) Body.


  • Crystal Harris, Hef's playmate, graces the Centerfold.
  • "Cheeky": A collection of select shots by the talented photographer Rankin.
  • "How to Undress for Your Man": A sensual guide for ladies looking for a last-minute gift idea.
  • "Joanna": The stunning Miss Krupa offers readers an exclusive private dance.

With its blend of intellectual stimulation, cultural commentary, humor, and visual delight, Playboy's December 2009 issue invites readers to explore, engage, and enjoy a rich tapestry of content that embodies the Playboy ethos.

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