Playboy Magazine, May 2001

July 30, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, May 2001

The May 2001 issue of Playboy Magazine brings a host of fascinating articles, in-depth interviews, and revealing photoshoots.

The cover star for the issue is the ever-gorgeous Brooke Burke, famed for hosting the travel series 'Wild On!' on E!. Experience the excitement as Brooke goes wild in a completely new way with her exclusive nude photoshoot for Playboy.

'Hong Kong Mayhem' delves into the chaotic world of Hong Kong, exploring the city's exhilarating energy, diverse culture, and possibly a darker side.

'Centerfolds on Sex' is back with more candid revelations from Playboy's most iconic models, each one sharing their unique insights into the world of intimacy.

In 'Baseball 2001 Preview', we take a swing at the upcoming baseball season, with expert predictions, player profiles, and the lowdown on what to expect on the pitch.

'Tom Green: A Lunatic Interview' offers a glimpse into the eccentric mind of the notorious comedian. Known for his offbeat humor, expect the unexpected from this engaging and wildly unpredictable conversation.

'Wild Tales from the DJ Booth' takes you into the heart of the party scene. Hear firsthand accounts from the men and women who control the dance floor, spinning tales as compelling as their music.

'The Temptress from Temptation Island' introduces readers to one of the reality show's most captivating personalities, revealing secrets from the show and her personal life.

Lastly, we feature 'Troy Hartman: Nitro Daredevil', an exclusive interview with the extreme sports athlete known for pushing boundaries and courting danger.

Grab your May 2001 issue of Playboy Magazine online or from selected outlets today. It's sure to make your month a little bit wilder.

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