Playboy Magazine, January 2001

July 30, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, January 2001

The January 2001 issue of Playboy Magazine opens the new year with intriguing articles, compelling interviews, and captivating lifestyle tips.

The feature on 'Penelope Cruz' celebrates the Spanish actress's beauty and successful acting career with appearances in four different Hollywood films alongside several leading men.

'Screwball Science' by Robert Park explores the gullibility of the general public when it comes to pseudoscientific claims, such as "Vitamin O" and perpetual motion machines.

'Goldberg' is a candid account by Bill and Steve Goldberg of their journey from the NFL to the pinnacle of pro wrestling, filled with hilarious anecdotes and accounts of notable matches.

'Topless Town' by Shel Silverstein is an amusing tale of how a waitress losing her blouse leads to unexpected events in a small town.

'In Praise of Regis Philbin' by David Halberstam explores the life and career of the popular TV host, dispelling misconceptions and highlighting his impressive knowledge of Notre Dame football.

'Do-It-Yourself Sex Tricks' provides readers with exciting tips to enhance their intimate experiences.

'Lust and Found' by Christopher Buckley is a humorous take on the impending change in the White House, speculating on what the cleaning staff might discover after the Clintons' departure.

'Drugs 2001' gives readers an objective look at the rise in recreational drug use, the proliferation of new drugs and their potential dangers.

'That Was The Year That Was' by Robert S. Wieder recaps the year 2000 in rhyme, highlighting notable events, from Survivor's Richard Hatch's win to Dennis Miller's career.

'Centerfolds on Sex: Barbara Moore' gives an intimate insight into the personal life and sexual experiences of playmate Barbara Moore.

The '20Q Carol Alt' interview by Robert Crane sheds light on the life and views of the renowned supermodel, dispelling various misconceptions about her.

The Playboy Interview features Gary Johnson, the governor of New Mexico who has stirred the national drug debate with his strong advocacy for legalization.

The January 2001 issue of Playboy Magazine can be purchased online or at selected outlets.

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