Playboy Magazine, April 2001

July 30, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, April 2001

The April 2001 issue of Playboy Magazine is packed with intriguing interviews, captivating articles, and entertaining stories.

'The Year in Music' examines readers' popular choices, including Eminem and Belle and Sebastian. It also inducts Ozzy into the Playboy Hall of Fame.

'Music Buzz' highlights Matt Pinfield, a prominent figure in underground music. He identifies bands that have managed to evade the mainstream music industry's attention but deserve a spotlight.

'Japanese Trash TV' takes readers to Japan, where prime time TV involves naked babes answering trivia questions from a hot tub.

'20Q Wyclef Jean' by Christopher Napolitano is an interview with the Fugees' mastermind, exploring his second solo CD's success, his appreciation for a good lay, and his unique perspective on life.

'In the Eye of Napster's Storm' by Timothy Mohr dives into the world of online music sharing. Founding developer Jordan Ritter sheds light on how he incited a revolution that both horrified corporations and excited music enthusiasts.

This issue's fiction, 'My Life in Heavy Metal' by Steve Almond, explores the protagonist's struggle to understand the essence of his past love and why he let it go.

The Playboy Interview features Metallica, one of the best-selling bands in the U.S. The conversation, conducted by Rob Tannenbaum, provides an in-depth look at the band's journey, their ongoing passion, and their rage against the machine.

'Spring Break' captures the free-spirited atmosphere of college girls hitting the beach without their books and bikinis.

The Playmate of the month is Katie Lohmann, a Scottsdale knockout with a history in high school wrestling.

Lastly, 'The Girls of the Hard Rock Casino' offers a peek into the life of those who work at the always rocking and rolling Hard Rock Casino. Grab your April 2001 issue of Playboy Magazine online or from selected outlets today.

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