Playboy Magazine, May 1982

July 13, 2023 in PlayBoy 80s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, May 1982

The May 1982 edition of Playboy Magazine showcases a varied palette of entertainment, interviews, and exclusive insights.

In this edition, a candid conversation with Billy Joel graces the Playboy Interview section. Having sold 26 million albums in five years, Joel opens up about his roots in Hicksville, his complicated relationship with music critics, his thoughts on the music business, women, and life. The interview provides a raw and intimate view of the man behind the hits like 'Honesty.'

This issue also delves into the intriguing world of intelligence with an article on the smartest spy, Bobby Ray Inman. An ex-head of the super-secret NSA and now deputy director of the CIA, Inman's unpopularity among his colleagues paints a curious picture of his character.

The pictorial essay 'Quest for Dawn' presents Rae Dawn Chong, the newest and perhaps best primitive sex symbol on the silver screen. Chong's captivating persona radiates through photographer Ernst Haas's lens, making for an impressive visual treat.

John Clayton's fiction piece 'Poppa Superdude' explores the intriguing dynamic of coolness and relationships, providing an amusing read for the fiction enthusiasts.

The May edition also contains a memoir by Larry L. King on the transformation of his Broadway hit 'The Best Little Whorehouse' into a Hollywood movie, offering an insider's perspective on the industry's adaptations.

The May 1982 issue of Playboy offers an exciting blend of in-depth interviews, engaging articles, and alluring pictorials. Available at vintage magazine stores and select online platforms.

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