Playboy Magazine, April 1982

July 13, 2023 in PlayBoy 80s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, April 1982

The April 1982 edition of Playboy Magazine comes packed with candid interviews, riveting articles, and exclusive pictorials.

A key highlight of this issue is an insightful Playboy Interview with Ed Koch, the feisty and straight-talking Mayor of New York. Known for his passionate dedication to the city, Koch’s conversation sheds light on his vision for New York and his distinctive approach to leadership.

This edition takes a deep dive into the impact of Reagan's impending war on drugs, with an article arguing that civil rights might be the most significant casualty. It is a thought-provoking examination of policy implications and the balance between public safety and personal freedoms.

For sports enthusiasts, there is a special piece by Roger Kahn on the irrepressible personality of Tommy Lasorda, one of baseball's most charismatic figures. Kahn, a master sports writer, captures the spirit and influence of Lasorda, adding another layer of depth to this issue.

The April edition of Playboy also showcases an exclusive photo session with Mariel Hemingway, the accomplished actress and granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway. The pictorial, paired with scenes from her daring new film, "Personal Best," offers a glimpse into the actress's life and her professional journey.

The April 1982 issue of Playboy presents a blend of potent interviews, engaging articles, and captivating visuals. Whether you're interested in politics, sports, cinema, or society at large, this edition offers something for every reader. Available at vintage magazine stores and select online platforms.

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