Playboy Magazine, March 1978

July 11, 2023 in PlayBoy 70s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, March 1978

The March 1978 issue of Playboy Magazine offers a wide range of compelling and thought-provoking content.

In the Playboy Interview, Bob Dylan shares his thoughts and experiences after a decade of significant personal changes, including fame, fortune, marriage, parenthood, a near-death experience, and divorce. This follow-up conversation, 12 years after the last one, provides an intimate look at one of the most influential artists of the Sixties.

In "Kalki," acclaimed writer Gore Vidal contributes a piece of fiction, portraying the world's exotic end with his signature outrageous style.

Ralph Nader and Peter Gruenstein's "Fans: The Sorry Majority" explores the increasing costs of attending professional sports events, arguing that team owners are the only ones who can afford to take their families to these events.

The issue also delves into the controversy surrounding Louis Mälle's film "Pretty Baby" and its young star, Brooke Shields. Text and pictures tell the tale of this provocative film and its impact.

"Bury St. Edmund" offers a humorous story titled "Professional Courtesy" about a celestial prince who transforms into a frog for a passionate night with his lover.

D. Keith Mano's article "The Wonderful World of Sex Gizmos - Tom Swift is Alive and Well and Making Dildos" examines the intriguing industry behind sex toys, showing that the people creating these products aren't so different from us.

In "What's New in the Universe?" Richard Rhodes delves into some of the mysteries and quirks of the cosmos that challenge our scientific understanding.

Robert Billings' "Get Rich in Your Spare Time While Doing Absolutely Nothing (Almost)" offers an entertaining account of his quest to find the best get-rich-quick scheme.

Finally, the "Sex on Wheels" pictorial suggests that cars might offer more mileage in their seats than under the hood, exploring the relationship between automobiles and romantic escapades.

The March 1978 issue of Playboy Magazine continues the publication's tradition of engaging, diverse content, making it a valuable find for collectors and enthusiasts of the era.

Look for this issue in vintage magazine stores or on online platforms specializing in old and collector's magazines.

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