Playboy Magazine, December 1978

Playboy Magazine, December 1978

Playboy Magazine's December 1978 issue offers a riveting mix of interviews, stories, pictorials, and features.

Highlighting the issue is a candid conversation with John Travolta, popularly referred to as "The Man" by his devoted fans. Travolta takes readers behind the scenes of his hit movies "Saturday Night Fever" and "Grease," and opens up about his experience of becoming an overnight sex symbol at the age of 24.

In "The Flounder," Gunter Grass, the acclaimed author of "The Tin Drum," presents six provocative tales from his latest novel, covering a wide range of subjects from the creation of the clitoris to the real joys of potty training.

For those seeking gift ideas for their significant others, "Fair Share for the Fair Sex" provides an assortment of stocking stuffers perfect for a sly surprise on Christmas Eve.

"Sex in America: Miami" by Peter Ross Range, the first in a series on the sex styles of American cities, explores the energetic love life of sunny Miami.

In "Future Highs," Howard Rheingold predicts what recreational substances might look like a few decades into the future, hinting at aphrodisiacs and hangover-free alternatives to alcohol.

A pictorial essay titled "Pro Football's Main Attractions" offers a glance at the sexiest cheerleaders in pro football, while F. Lee Bailey's feature "How to Survive an Air Crash" shares potentially life-saving tips for commercial airline safety.

Look for this issue in vintage magazine stores or on online platforms specializing in old and collector's magazines.

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