Playboy Magazine, July 1994

July 23, 2023 in PlayBoy 90s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, July 1994

Playboy's July 1994 issue presents an engaging blend of interviews, fiction, humor, and pictorials.

The issue opens with the 'Reporter's Notebook', featuring opinion pieces from Playboy's reporters. Following this, we dive into an in-depth 'Playboy Interview' with Bill Gates, the renowned founder of Microsoft.

'Clarissa Explains It All' offers a unique perspective on an undisclosed topic, making for an engaging article. Fans are treated with a throwback 'Playmate Revisited: Shannon Long' pictorial, reintroducing the Australian Playmate in an alluring photoshoot.

The fictional work 'Prudence in Hollywood' and 'A Day at the Races' promise captivating storytelling. For those seeking an adult read, 'Sex and the Cigar Box' offers erotic content penned by Richard.

In 'The Rules of Dating', Playboy delves into the intricate dynamics of modern romance. The Playmate of the Month, 'Delta Queen', graces the magazine with her charm, followed by the usual dose of humor with 'Playboy's Party Jokes'.

The 'Death at the Clinic Door' article explores a thought-provoking topic, while 'In the Grill of the Night' provides a delightful piece on food. 'The New, Improved, Fully Actualized Me' article dives into personal development, and 'The Sporting Life' offers the latest in fashion trends.

'The First Daughter' pictorial is another visual treat for the readers, and 'Safe Sex', an erotic fantasy, adds an adult touch to the magazine. The 'Going Mobile' section keeps readers up-to-date with modern living, while '20 Questions: Michael Moriarty' gives insight into the actor's life and career.

This issue of Playboy Magazine can be purchased online or at select vintage magazine retailers.

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