Playboy Magazine, December 1994

July 23, 2023 in PlayBoy 90s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, December 1994

Playboy's December 1994 issue is a whirlwind tour through interviews, articles, pictorials, and humor segments.

The issue begins with the 'Playboy Interview' featuring Garry Shandling, a popular comedian and actor of the era. This is followed by 'Obsession', an article that delves into an intriguing topic, and 'Forever Bo', a pictorial capturing the enduring allure of a popular figure.

For those seeking holiday inspiration, 'Playboy's Christmas Gift Collection' offers a curated selection of gifts. Readers are then treated to 'The Ghost Standard', a piece of fiction sure to captivate.

Adding to the variety, there's a pictorial featuring John Bobbitt's ex-fiancée and a humorous piece, 'Life Without Playboy'. 'Stocking Stuffers' adds a sprinkle of playful intimacy, and 'Jim Carrey's Wild Ride' gives a behind-the-scenes look at the renowned comedian's journey.

The December Playmate graces the magazine in 'Ahoy, Playmate', followed by 'Playboy's Party Jokes', providing a dose of humor. The issue continues with 'Playmates on the Moon', an interesting article, and 'It's Been a Very Good Year', a humorous recap of 1994.

The profile piece 'Thanks, Hanks' offers insight into the life of Tom Hanks, one of Hollywood's leading actors. 'Night Moves' presents the latest in evening fashion, while 'Bugliosi for the Prosecution' delves into the courtroom with renowned attorney Vincent Bugliosi.

'20 Questions: Kelsey Grammer' gets personal with the Frasier star, followed by 'Dynamite Hands', a gripping piece of fiction. 'Those Torrid, Tawdry Tories' shines a light on British politics, and the issue concludes with 'Sex Stars 1994', a pictorial showcasing the most sensual celebrities of the year.

The December 1994 issue of Playboy Magazine can be found online or at selected vintage magazine retailers.

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