Playboy Magazine, January 1983

July 14, 2023 in PlayBoy 80s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, January 1983

The January 1983 edition of Playboy Magazine provides an engrossing mix of interviews, pictorials, articles, and engaging fiction stories.

In the Playboy Interview, British actor Dudley Moore reveals his journey through iconic film roles such as "Arthur" and "10", his musical path, and his unexpected ascent to one of America's beloved sex symbols.

"Living on the Default Line", an enlightening article by Paul Erdman, offers a stark look into the banking industry's turbulence, detailing its current troubles and underlying causes.

Showcasing the dazzling Landers sisters, Audrey and Judy, in the "Blonde Ambitions" pictorial, Playboy offers a new perspective on these familiar faces of American television and cinema.

"The Playboy Readers' Sex Survey, Part I", reveals intriguing insights about Playboy's readership demographics, based on a recent sex-and-lifestyle questionnaire.

The issue also brings to the fore "A Matter of Style", an opinion piece by eminent personalities William F. Buckley, Jr., Larry L. King, D. Keith Mano, and Leonard Michaels, defining the concept of style in a fashion-driven world.

Thomas McGuane's "Like a Leaf", a poignant fiction piece, depicts a man's quest for redemption from a not-so-sweet lady when life hits a new low.

In "Provocative Period Pieces", readers are invited for an exclusive glimpse into Charles Martignette's private collection of erotic art. The issue concludes with the introduction of Playmate of the Month, the enchanting Lonny Chin from Liverpool.

The January 1983 issue of Playboy Magazine offers a rich mix of candid interviews, visually stimulating pictorials, insightful articles, and moving fiction. Available on a range of online platforms and selected vintage magazine stores, this issue will transport you back to the dawn of a memorable year.

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