Playboy Magazine, August 1983

July 14, 2023 in PlayBoy 80s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, August 1983

The August 1983 issue of Playboy Magazine promises a compelling mix of entertainment, sports, and culture.

Kicking off with a ten-page pictorial of Sybil Danning, the undisputed queen of action flicks. This pictorial captures Danning in all her sultry glory, giving readers a glimpse into the charisma that has captivated moviegoers around the world.

Next up, we have a riveting Playboy interview with the formidable TV mogul, Ted Turner. Known for his fiery temperament and audacious ventures, Turner gives an unfiltered account of his journey in the world of media and shares his thoughts on a range of issues.

A candid conversation with Tim Hutton offers readers a fascinating insight into the trials of this teenage hero. Hutton delves into his life, his career, and his journey in the Hollywood industry, providing an intimate portrait of a young actor navigating stardom.

For the sports enthusiasts, Anson Mount returns with his Pro Football Preview. Known for his keen analysis and accurate predictions, Mount's 'Bull's-eye' selections offer a comprehensive and insightful guide for the upcoming football season.

Rounding off the features is a segment of 20 questions with golf's uninhibited star, Jan Stephenson. Known for her prowess on the green and her outspoken nature, Stephenson offers engaging answers that reveal her personality and perspectives on and off the course.

This August 1983 issue of Playboy Magazine provides a diverse array of engaging content, available on various online platforms and select vintage magazine stores. Experience the Playboy tradition of delivering captivating interviews, stunning pictorials, and insightful articles.

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