Playboy Magazine, December 1982

July 13, 2023 in PlayBoy 80s by Wyatt Earp

 Playboy Magazine, December 1982

The December 1982 issue of Playboy Magazine offers an exciting array of interviews, pictorials, articles, and fiction stories.

In the Playboy Interview, Hollywood's outspoken couple, Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards, shed light on their personal and professional lives. They address rumors surrounding Julie's alleged cosmetic surgery for her role in "S.O.B." and Blake's challenging experiences working with Peter Sellers.

The issue features an enlightening article by Robert Scheer, "With Enough Shovels," discussing the serious concerns surrounding the management of the US's substantial nuclear arsenal.

In a fashion feature by David Platt, "Holiday, Go Lightly," readers are presented with tips on making a sartorial splash on their southern vacations.

David Halberstam's personality profile, "The Mouth That Roared," offers a deep dive into the controversial world of sports broadcast journalism and its leading figure, Howard Cosell.

Emanuel Greenberg's piece on winter drinks, "Body Warmers," provides readers with drink suggestions for those long, cold winter nights.

A pictorial feature, "The Women of Playboy," showcases the beauty found right in Playboy's backyard.

In the fiction section, George V. Higgins' "Adults" explores the paradox of growing up through the perspective of two boys, while Arthur C. Clarke presents the first part of "2010: Odyssey Two," a continuation of the story that launched a generation.

Finally, for readers looking for gift ideas, Playboy's Christmas Gift Guide offers a selection of stunning items for those who have been both naughty and nice.

This December 1982 issue of Playboy Magazine offers a captivating blend of interviews, pictorials, commentaries, fashion advice, and compelling fiction, available on various online platforms and select vintage magazine stores.

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