Playboy Magazine, April 2016

Playboy Magazine, April 2016

The April 2016 issue of Playboy touches upon diverse aspects of modern culture, including art, politics, technology, and entertainment. Here's a glimpse at what's inside:

Departments and Features:

  • No Filter: Allie X opens up about her shadow self, revealing a unique and mysterious persona.
  • Drinks: Dive into the world of agave spirits, and meet tequila's spicier siblings.
  • Style: Witness the resurgence of American watches as they reclaim their throne in the world of horology.
  • Auto: Spring gets hotter with the new Porsche Boxster Spyder, a must-have for car enthusiasts.
  • Advisor: An earnest plea to grow up and leave behind the man-child friend.
  • My Way: Greg Chait, the Cashmere king, shares his journey to become the emperor of his own Rome. Discover the smart side of dumb phones and explore gender-bending colognes.
  • The Rabbit Hole: Ben Schott curates a myriad of marijuana miscellany, giving readers a diverse look at the world of cannabis.
  • 20Q with Bob Odenkirk: The "Better Call Saul" star talks about his unlikely rise to leading man status.
  • TV & Film: Get recommendations for true-crime shows and learn about Patrick Stewart's transformative new roles. Will these characters finally put Captain Picard to rest?
  • FrancoFile: Join a conversation between James Franco and "Game of Thrones" director Michelle MacLaren.
  • Politics: John Meroney dissects the circus known as the primaries, examining why we endure this political tradition.
  • Culture: John Albert explores the unexpected connection between hipsters and shooting.
  • Interview with Don Cheadle: As Cheadle prepares to release a risky project, discover what's on his mind.
  • Molly Steele: A closer look at a limit-defying and beyond-beautiful photographer.
  • The God Shot: Matt Farwell narrates a true tale of a veteran's struggle to stay sane after returning home.
  • Fiction: Enjoy "Insipidities" by Marie Calloway, a thought-provoking piece of literary art.
  • Miss April: Camille Rowe's charming and sensual pictorial, sent with love from Paris.
  • Is Lagos the Most Dangerous Party City on the Planet?: Adam Skolnick investigates the party scene in Lagos.
  • Artist in Residence: Delve into the bizarre and unapologetic world of artist Aurel Schmidt.

With its diverse topics and perspectives, the April 2016 edition of Playboy encapsulates the contemporary zeitgeist, offering readers a nuanced and enjoyable exploration of modern life.

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