Playboy March 1972 Issue - Sci-Fi Thriller by Michael Crichton, Dominique Sanda, Grateful Dead, Interview with Saul Alinsky

July 7, 2023 in PlayBoy 70s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy March 1972 Issue

Playboy's March 1972 issue is packed with diverse content, starting with the beginning of a Sci-Fi thriller by Michael Crichton, the author of "Andromeda Strain".

It also includes Bruce Jay Friedman's amusing take on a beauty contest and a preview of the offbeat film, "Savages." Readers will get to experience a visit with the alluring Dominique Sanda and enjoy Peter Boyle's lampoon of motorcycle movies in "Snow's Angels." The issue also features an engaging interview with labor organizer Saul Alinsky, Senator Alan Cranston’s take on aerospace, and a fascinating look at the Grateful Dead, along with Sokol's Art Gallery.

This issue might be of interest to collectors and those curious about pop culture and societal perspectives during the early 1970s. Vintage magazine stores or online platforms may have copies of this issue for purchase.

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