Playboy Magazine, Winter 2019

Aug. 14, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, Winter 2019

The Winter 2019 issue of Playboy is filled with modern musings, classic reflections, and an innovative look at today's world. Here's an overview of the content:


  • JANUARY - VENDELA: Starting the year with unconventional beauty at a boxing gym.
  • FEBRUARY - MEGAN MOORE: A sun-dappled stream sets the scene for the radiant Megan Moore.
  • MARCH - MIKI HAMANO: Japan-born Playmate representing freedom in her own unique way.
  • EXTRA CREDIT: Featuring sapiosexual Taya Vais, a tantalizing treat from

Heritage Departments:

  • A PHENOMENAL WOMAN: Rediscovering a 1999 interview with the legendary Maya Angelou.
  • HARE FORCE ONE: A glance at Hugh Hefner's luxurious jetliner.
  • MARILYN COLE: The Bunny, Playmate, and PMOY shares her experience with Playboy.
  • THE KING OF FREE SPEECH: A tribute to comedian Lenny Bruce and his fight for free expression.
  • WHAT I LEARNED FROM PLAYMATES: Reflections from former PLAYBOY editor James R. Petersen.


  • LET'S PLAY - JANICE GRIFFITH: Meet the adult-film actress and cryptocurrency advocate.
  • MAN IN HIS DOMAIN - TREVOR PAGLEN: An artist's daring venture into space sculpture.
  • SEX - TELL ME WHAT YOU SEE: Algorithms that predict your taste in adult content.
  • DRINKS - CHEERS AND JEERS: Handling controversial gatherings at your local bar.
  • HUMOR - CELEBRITIES ARE SUPER COOL: A satirical look at celebrity journalism.


  • Playboy After Dark turns 50: A celebration of the iconic show.
  • A new twist on an old question in Vintage Advisor: Timeless advice with modern twists.
  • Classic Cartoons and a Bunny New Year: A nostalgic collection of humor and festivity.
  • Social topics: Including insights on American socialism and female superheroes.

The Winter 2019 issue of Playboy aligns itself with the traditions of the magazine while also embracing the future. With a blend of entertainment, cultural commentary, innovation, and sensuality, this edition offers a thoughtful balance between the heritage of Playboy and the contemporary dialogues shaping today's society. It's a tribute to free expression and an exploration of diverse themes that resonate with a modern audience, all while celebrating the human form in its timeless beauty.

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