Playboy Magazine, September 2002

July 31, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, September 2002

The September 2002 issue of Playboy offers an engaging exploration of culture, sports, and technology.

Charles J. O'Byrne's feature 'Sex and Sanctity' provides an insightful account of a former priest's struggle with the contradictions within the church, which ultimately led him to renounce his religious vocation.

Geoffrey Norman profiles Steve Spurrier in 'The Brat Comes to the Big Time', exploring his successful career and his transition to the Washington Redskins.

Rick Gosselin's 'Playboy's Pro Football Forecast' anticipates the upcoming football season, highlighting the pursuit of Walter Payton's record by Emmitt Smith and offering comprehensive scouting reports.

John Rezek shares the secrets to a memorable meal in 'Continental Cooking in Your Crib', emphasizing the importance of dinner when aiming for breakfast.

The '20Q' feature presents an interview with Lenny Kravitz, the multi-platinum artist who shares his thoughts on racial dynamics in music, his most intimate songs, and the struggle against commercialization in the music industry.

This month's 'Centerfolds on Sex' segment features Elke Jeinsen, who opens up about her preferences in the bedroom.

Jason Buhrmester's 'Power Chords' delves into the revolution in music recording, exploring the potential of new digital portable studios.

Ron Carlson's 'The Personals' provides a fascinating examination of personal ads and missed connections, offering advice on navigating this world of subtle communication.

Finally, our feature interview is with Larry Ellison, the software mogul and billionaire founder of Oracle. Ellison discusses his rivalry with Bill Gates, his views on privacy, and his relentless pursuit of the America's Cup.

The Playboy Magazine, September 2002 issue, continues to provide thought-provoking and entertaining articles, interviews, and features. It's available online and in select stores.

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