Playboy Magazine, March 2002

July 31, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, March 2002

Playboy Magazine's March 2002 issue offers an engaging mix of insightful articles, eye-catching pictorials, and compelling interviews.

In 'Seeks Sex', Roy Tannenbaum explores the intricate world of online dating, comparing it to traditional bar pick-ups and revealing its unique challenges and opportunities.

'The Trouble with Rehab' by Christopher Noxon sheds light on the issue of star power glamorizing drug treatment programs and questions the efficacy of rehabilitation.

'Broadband Battleground' by Will O'Neal immerses you in the intense, addictive realm of online gaming, highlighting popular games like EverQuest, and the impact they have on players.

'The New, Improved (and Buff!) Bret Boone' by Mark Ribowsky tells the story of Bret Boone's rise from mediocrity to breaking American League records, and reveals the workout regimen that helped him reach these heights.

In 'Centerfolds on Sex,' Tishara Cousino shares intimate details about her sexual preferences and how she likes to be treated.

Our 20Q feature stars Jamie Foxx, the versatile actor known for his role in 'Any Given Sunday,' as he discusses Fly Girls, Prince, and providing finger food, amongst other things.

Fiction fans can delve into 'The Polyamorist' by Gary S. Madet, a gripping narrative where the tables turn in unexpected ways.

Our main interview of the month is with NBA legend Allen Iverson, providing insight into the life and thoughts of one of basketball's most controversial and talented players.

This issue also includes a feature on Amy Hayes, the 'Lady of the Rings,' and an exciting pictorial spread on the 'Women of Porn'. Don't miss our Playmate of the month, Tina Jordan.

Grab your copy of Playboy Magazine's March 2002 issue from select outlets or online for a blend of engaging reads and enticing visuals.

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