Playboy Magazine, September 2001

July 30, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, September 2001

This September 2001 issue of Playboy Magazine packs a punch with a combination of hard-hitting articles, insightful interviews, and alluring photoshoots.

'Heavier than Heaven: The Fall of Kurt Cobain' by Charles R. Cross is an in-depth exploration of the life of Nirvana's legendary songwriter and his tumultuous relationship with Courtney Love.

'Surviving Survival' by Armin Brott is an informative and gripping account of wilderness survival, covering everything from dealing with snakes to finding kindling.

'Group Sex, Fourth Floor' is a bold narrative by Chip Rowe about a Playboy Advisor attending a swingers party, proving that new experiences are always on the horizon.

'Dream Weaver' brings back our favorite leg show, this time featuring a tantalizing pair of legs in netted hosiery.

'Playboy's Pro Football Forecast' by Rick Gosselin presents a comprehensive prediction of the upcoming football season, highlighting key teams and players.

'The Goose' profiles Tory Siragusa, the Baltimore Ravens' 340-pound defensive line anchor, and his affinities when it comes to women.

'Centerfolds on Sex: Echo Johnson' unveils this Playmate's favored form of foreplay, which involves learning new moves from a strip club.

'20Q Stanley Tucci' features an enlightening interview with the versatile actor, director, and chef known for attracting big names like Woody Allen and Isabella Rossellini to his indie projects.

In 'Puzzle Man', a piece of fiction by Asa Baber, the narrative revolves around unraveling the mystery behind Timothy Mcleigh's actions and the torment they inflicted.

The issue's 'Interview' section showcases a candid conversation with Dale Earnhardt Jr., the Nascar sensation who is frank about the realities of racing and pays tribute to his legendary father.

The September 2001 issue of Playboy Magazine is an eclectic blend of captivating stories, intriguing personalities, and alluring imagery. Get your copy online or at selected outlets today.

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