Playboy Magazine, October 1987

July 17, 2023 in PlayBoy 80s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, October 1987

Playboy's October 1987 issue covers an expansive range of topics from politics to humor, catering to a diverse set of interests.

The 'Playboy Interview' with General Richard Secord delves into his insights and experiences as a major figure in American military and political history. The 'Korea, Inc.' article provides a penetrating look into Korean business culture and its impacts on the global economy.

'Oh, Donna!' is a pictorial featuring the captivating Donna, photographed by Robert Kearney, and the 'Women of the Top Ten Party Colleges' offers another visually engaging pictorial feature.

The article 'Honeymoon for One' by Merrill Shindler explores the art and humor of self-discovery while on a solo honeymoon. 'Hot & Cold', a fashion piece by Hollis Wayne, delivers the latest trends for the upcoming season.

Fiction lovers will appreciate 'In Love with Rachel' by Steven Ploetz, a touching tale of romance. October's Playmate of the Month is 'Fine Brandi', who is featured in a spectacular pictorial.

'Charity Chic' by Dick Adler delves into the world of charitable giving, and 'Playboy's Pigskin Preview' by Gary Cole gives a sports forecast for football enthusiasts.

Bob Uecker, former Major League Baseball player and sports commentator, answers '20 Questions', offering a light-hearted and engaging read.

Andrew Tobias's 'Quarterly Reports: Behind the Counter' gives readers an insider's view on finance and investment. Lastly, the humor section offers 'The Bright Side of Star Wars—The Spin-Offs', a satirical piece on the unexpected benefits of Star Wars technology. The October 1987 issue of Playboy Magazine is available for purchase online and in select vintage magazine stores.

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