Playboy Magazine, June 1987

July 17, 2023 in PlayBoy 80s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, June 1987

The June 1987 issue of Playboy Magazine delivers another captivating blend of interviews, articles, fiction, and pictorials that Playboy is renowned for.

This issue features a candid interview with the multi-talented Whoopi Goldberg, giving readers an opportunity to gain insight into her life and career. Two engrossing fiction pieces, 'The Pardoner's Tale' and 'The Egret' are included, bringing to life unique narratives for readers to enjoy.

A fashion segment titled 'Currents' highlights the latest trends, while a pictorial focused on the stunning Jenilee Harrison offers a visual treat for readers. This issue delves into the world of televised retail with 'Prime Time for Sellevision' and 'Home Shopping', two articles exploring this booming phenomenon.

'Financial Evangelists' discusses the intriguing intersection of finance and faith, and 'Raising the Tube Stakes' provides readers with a look at the changing landscape of television. 'The Iranscam Follies' adds a humorous spin to current events.

Readers are introduced to 'The Real Thing', Playboy's Playmate of the Month, accompanied by the magazine's iconic Party Jokes. Practical tips are offered in 'Passport Smarts', a travel-focused segment. 'Rubbers from Ronnie' is a timely article discussing the importance of safe sex, complete with 'Condom Etiquette'.

The magazine spotlights an inspiring sports personality in 'Better Than Bird!'. Adding to the visual appeal of this issue is the anticipated 'Playmate of the Year' pictorial. To wrap things up, Michael J. Fox, a beloved actor known for his roles in 'Back to the Future' and 'Family Ties', answers '20 Questions'. The June 1987 issue of Playboy Magazine is available for purchase online and in selected vintage magazine stores.

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