Playboy Magazine, October 1986

July 17, 2023 in PlayBoy 80s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, October 1986

The October 1986 issue of Playboy Magazine continues Playboy's tradition of insightful entertainment and provocative content with a mix of interviews, pictorials, articles, and humor.

The issue kicks off with a candid Playboy Interview with Phil Collins, providing unique insights into his life and career. 'Politically Correct Sex' opens a discussion on contemporary sexual ethics, while 'Oh, Wendy O!' offers an enticing pictorial.

Readers can lose themselves in the gripping 'Night Vision' fiction piece and enjoy the satirical 'USS Today' parody. 'Driving in the 4th Dimension' explores the thrilling future of automotive technology, and 'The Playboy Gallery' showcases a selection of captivating visuals.

'The Terror Next Time' raises awareness about potential future threats, while 'Sachiko', the Playboy's Playmate of the Month, spices up the pages. The humor section 'Playboy's Party Jokes' and an intriguing piece on George Lucas add to the variety of this issue.

'Return of the Gentleman' provides fashion advice for the modern man, while 'First Dates Now' explores the humorous side of dating. The 'Women of The Ivy League Revisited' pictorial and 'Playboy's Pigskin Preview' cover the athletic and academic spheres respectively, rounding off the magazine's content for the month.

This edition of Playboy Magazine is now available for purchase online and at select vintage magazine stores.

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