Playboy Magazine, December 1986

July 17, 2023 in PlayBoy 80s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, December 1986

The December 1986 issue of Playboy Magazine offers a delightful blend of interviews, pictorials, articles, fiction, and humor, capturing the essence of Playboy's iconic style and content.

Kick-starting the issue is a candid Playboy Interview with Bryant Gumbel, presenting an intimate look into his personal and professional life. The compendium 'Civilization Revisited' and the special feature on champagne and holiday dishes from great chefs add a unique flavor to the content.

The issue delves into the world of tango in the article 'Tango Americano' by Jorge Luis Borges, while the fiction piece 'Partners' by Thomas McGuane keeps the readers engaged. Renowned photographer Patrick Demarchelier's 'Gorgeous Girls' is accompanied by a text from Bruce Jay Friedman.

Further into the issue, 'Blindsight', a fiction piece by Robert Silverberg, sits alongside the humor piece 'Christmas 1986'. The article 'Haiti After Baby Doc' by Herbert Gold provides a socio-political perspective, and the special pictorial 'Women of 7-Eleven' captures the charm of everyday beauty.

'Earth Station Charley', another fiction piece, is complemented by a piece on Billy Crystal, and the article 'Rock Brats'. December's Playmate of the Month, 'Keys', and Playboy's iconic Party Jokes add to the rich variety.

The fiction piece 'Bandits' by Elmore Leonard, the modern living feature 'The 12 Stores of Christmas', and the insightful article 'Beating Wall Street' continue the magazine's tradition of diverse content. The 'Haring Hang-Up', the pictorial and text on 'Sex Stars of 1986', and the Playboy Gallery, lead the reader to the conclusion of the issue with the thought-provoking article 'Courting Disaster'.

This edition of Playboy Magazine is now available for purchase online and at select vintage magazine stores.

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