Playboy Magazine, November 2015

Playboy Magazine, November 2015

The November 2015 issue of Playboy promises an intriguing blend of technological insights, cultural exploration, engaging interviews, and alluring visuals.


  • Resistance is Futile: Christopher Steiner delves into the world of algorithms and examines how they're shaping our reality.
  • Best Bars in America 2015: Alia Akkam takes readers on a nationwide tour of 20 distinctive bars, from dives to upscale hideouts, that are redefining the American drinking scene.
  • Who Is This Man and What Has He Done to Boxing?: Tim Struby investigates Al Haymon, the manager of Floyd Mayweather, and his ambitious vision for boxing's future.
  • Man-Made Handmade: Vincent Boucher explores the importance of quality over quantity, highlighting essential objects made outside of China.


  • South of Bradley: Author Steve Weddle spins a revenge tale that's as complex and twisted as the family feud at its core.


  • Christoph Waltz: Stephen Rebello sits down with the brilliant actor to uncover his unique perspectives, often as intriguing as the villains he portrays.
  • 20Q with Daniel Radcliffe: Rob Tannenbaum talks with the actor about growing up as Harry Potter and how he continues to be defined by the role.


  • Stone-Cold Fox: New York-based model Julia Fox is featured in an intimate, apartment-based shoot, showcasing her captivating charm.
  • A Creative Force: Miss November Rachel Harris, a budding artist from Los Angeles, is captured in her raw and creative essence, unafraid to pursue her dreams.
  • Seeing Red: Dominique Jane and Gia Marie are featured together, their piercing gazes, soft touch, and alluring red locks bound to leave an impression.

In addition to offering thought-provoking articles and beautiful visuals, the November 2015 issue of Playboy touches on themes ranging from technology's influence on our lives to the handmade quality of essential objects. Whether a reader's interest lies in the depths of human understanding, cultural changes, or simply enjoying visually stunning content, this issue has it covered.

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