Playboy Magazine, April 2015

Aug. 13, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, April 2015

The April 2015 edition of Playboy presents an enticing collection of features, interviews, fiction, and pictorials that dive into intriguing realms of culture, music, politics, and the unexpected:

  • Web of Lies: In a gripping investigation by Joshua Hunt, the reader is taken into the anonymous world of the deep web. The question of how to police this hidden realm where anything goes becomes a startling dilemma.
  • The New Bad Boys of Country Music: Jessica Ogilvie profiles a new breed of country music stars, known for saying and doing what their predecessors wouldn't dare.
  • The Pez Outlaw: Jeff Maysh tells the strange and fascinating story of Steve Glew, who made $4 million smuggling counterfeit Pez dispensers into the U.S., only to fall from grace.
  • Rocktails: Dan Hyman’s guide presents an intoxicating blend of spirits and stories that fuel the music industry.
  • Fiction - Windows: In a haunting futuristic tale by Etgar Keret, a virtual woman in a hospital threatens to upend Mickey's reality.
  • Interview with Dick Cheney: James Rosen dives into an explorative conversation with the outspoken former Vice President Dick Cheney, discussing everything from Ferguson to Guantánamo.
  • Aubrey Plaza: David Bensin shares a candid conversation with Aubrey Plaza, the queen of deadpan comedy, as she reflects on her career and her future after "Parks and Recreation."
  • Pictorials - Behind the Music: Kayslee Collins reveals why music was much sexier in the era of MTV in this alluring pictorial.
  • Almost Famous: Channeling the essence of Joan Jett, Miss April 2015 Alexandra Tyler proves that rock is alive and sultry in a vibrant photo feature.
  • Azealia Banks: Wild & Uncensored: The rap scene's most enigmatic vixen, Azealia Banks, is uncensored in an eye-popping interview and pictorial by Rob Tannenbaum.

With a fusion of technology, politics, entertainment, and the strange yet true, the April 2015 issue of Playboy resonates with a diverse readership. Whether exploring the shadowy realms of the deep web, celebrating the new era of country music, or relishing the allure of music-inspired visuals, this edition is sure to engage and intrigue.

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