Playboy Magazine, March-April 2018

Aug. 14, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, March-April 2018

The March-April 2018 edition of Playboy Magazine covers a broad spectrum of intriguing topics, from political maneuvering to technological innovations and engaging human stories. Here's what you'll discover inside:


  • LET'S PLAY: Sexologist Shan Boodram shares her insights on sexuality.
  • LIFESTYLE: Exploring the bachelor pad of the future with smart technology.
  • DRINKS: A focus on Mekhong, the national spirit of Thailand.
  • POLITICS: The Democrats' game plan to win seats in the upcoming midterm season.
  • SEX: Karley Sciortino of 'slutever' explores areas where other sexperts hesitate.
  • WEED: A celebration of California's pot culture as legalization looms.


  • INTERVIEW with John Krasinski: A discussion with the actor-turned-director and producer.
  • THE GENDER REVOLUTION: An in-depth look at American identity and the crossroads of gender, featuring essays by prominent authors like Sloane Crosley and Jessica P. Ogilvie.
  • 20Q with Jesse Plemons: An examination of Plemons' talent for portraying complex characters.
  • PLAYBOY'S PREDICTIONS: Notable figures explore the future of sex tech, space tourism, and more.
  • FICTION - "Killing Town" by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins: A new adventure featuring Detective Mike Hammer.
  • POWERNAP: An exclusive comic about dream creatures becoming real by Maritza Campos and Bachan.
  • PROFILE: A conversation with Steven Pinker about his unconventional view that life is actually good.
  • FICTION - "Go, Space Racer!" by Curtis C. Chen: A futuristic tale about reality TV in zero gravity.
  • HERITAGE: Reflections on the future from the past, and a homage to cartoonist Gahan Wilson and Playmates Gwen Wong and Lorraine Michaels.


  • SHE'S A RAINBOW: Elyse Taylor radiates as she explores life's myriad possibilities.
  • THE WOMAN WHO FELL TO EARTH: A stellar encounter with March Playmate Jenny Watwood.
  • EASTERN PROMISE: Sandra Kubicka's beauty transcends language barriers.
  • BIRD OF PARADISE: April Playmate Nereyda Bird brings sunny, beachside charm.
  • WHEN IN ROME: A romantic Italian escapade with Roxanna June and Jess Clarke.

The March-April 2018 issue offers a blend of aesthetic, intellectual, and emotional content. From exploring political strategies to unraveling the human psyche, and showcasing breathtaking pictorials, this edition continues Playboy's tradition of pushing boundaries and celebrating the richness of life.

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