Playboy Magazine, April 2002

July 31, 2023 in PlayBoy 2000s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, April 2002

The April 2002 issue of Playboy magazine is a distinctive blend of music, humor, and sports, featuring revealing interviews, in-depth articles, and captivating fiction.

In 'Music Poll Results', we reveal the winners of our annual music poll. U2 has the honor of being the first band ever inducted into our Hall of Fame. Other winners include Sum 41, Almost Famous, Nelly, and Alicia Keys.

'Ryan Adams' Music Buzz' discusses the rising popularity of Ryan Adams, following his successful single "New York, New York". Adams also shares his pick of up-and-coming bands and pays tribute to the White Stripes, who he labels as the saviors of garage rock.

'Princess Superstar' is a profile of the sexy MC, famous for her genre-spanning music which she calls "flip-flop". She shares her experiences in the music industry and discusses her unique approach to rapping.

In 'Take Your Best Shots', thirsty Playmates share their favorite drinks, divulging the where, what, and whom of their memorable body shots.

Our 20Q feature this month is with the famously foul-mouthed comedian Sarah Silverman, who discusses her frequent use of the word "raging" and her experiences on SNL and in edgy movies.

'The Vampires Bite Back' discusses the movie adaptation of Anne Rice's bloodbuster novel featuring Lestat.

'Pinky', a gripping short fiction piece by Walter Mosley, shares a mysterious story revolving around a voice mail left on September 11.

Our main interview is with the heavyweight boxing champion Lennox Lewis. He talks about his fights, getting knocked out, and why he refrains from sex before a fight.

Don't miss this issue of Playboy magazine, available at select outlets and online. Grab your copy now and enjoy an enthralling mix of engaging reads and appealing visuals.

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