Playboy Magazine, March 1998

July 26, 2023 in PlayBoy 90s by Wyatt Earp

Playboy Magazine, March 1998

The March 1998 issue of Playboy Magazine provides a mix of captivating interviews, articles, pictorials, and humor for its readers.

Opening the issue is the 'Playboy Interview' with actor Kevin Kline, offering a candid conversation with the renowned performer. Following the interview is a gripping true crime story, '"I've Got a Hostage"', providing a chilling account of a real-life hostage situation.

The issue then transitions to a sexy pictorial featuring actress and model Jaime Pressly. An article, 'A Guy's Guide to Dating', offers insightful tips for navigating the dating scene, while 'Trend Spotting', a fashion feature, highlights the latest styles.

The magazine also presents 'Critics' Choice: The 25 Best Restaurants', a comprehensive guide to the finest dining experiences across the country. 'Playboy Gallery' showcases the stunning Christine Richters, while 'Baywatch Rookie' introduces Playboy's Playmate of the Month.

As always, there is a humor section with 'Party Jokes', followed by a gripping fiction piece, 'Keller's Last Refuge'. The issue also presents a fashion feature, 'Out of the Blue', and '20 Questions' with entrepreneur and fashion magnate John Peterman.

The issue revisits a classic beauty in 'Playmate Revisited: Erika Eleniak', and gives an inside look at 'The Real Dirk Diggler' through a Playboy profile. Rounding off the issue is 'Robo Watch', a feature on modern living, and a tantalizing pictorial, 'The Great Swimsuit Takeoff'.

This issue of Playboy Magazine is available for purchase online or at select vintage magazine stores.

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